Fortress Of Meditation

When adventurer Alexandra David-Néel wasn't on the road, she would stay at her Fortress of Meditation. Even explorers need to have a stable place to retreat to, because a life without roots is also without directions. Or as the poet would say:

Happy he who like Ulysses
Has seen hundreds of lands
And has regained again, after
Many years of wandering
The country of his youthful years
On an early Summer morning
When the sun sings within your heart
Then how fine it is to be free
Fine to be free !

We are all free to choose where home is, but I believe it takes some introspection work and many experiments to settle, at least temporarily.

For now, home is where my parents are—that's the address I use for my business—, but it's not my fortress.

I spend most of my years from one city to another and I don't think of ever settling in one place for the rest of my life, but the security of knowing there is somewhere I can go if the world were to end is reassuring.

A quick look at the average price of a plot of land in France tells me I could get enough surface to build a house and cultivate the land—anything from 1000 to 3000m²—with $15,000, and less if I were to share the property with others.

The average tiny house is about $35,000. Of course, doing it the maker way would significantly decrease the price. With the right constraints, hard work and imagination can pull off amazing fits.

In conclusion, I will be able to execute on the idea as soon as I save up about $50,000. I would also need to take into account several fees. In any case, It wouldn't take long if I were to put my mind into it, but this is not a priority for me at the moment. It's probably something I'll want to focus on in my 30's.