First Day At The Youth Hostel

Yesterday was my first day at my new place in Budapest: the Avenue Hostel.

Crashing at 5 PM to wake up at 2 AM, I was exhausted.

I packed, cleaned the studio, and took my bag to the coworking space to get some work done.

I leave my desk at 2 PM to check-in and a pretty blonde leads me to my room. Said pretty blonde also propose a pub crawl, starting at 8 PM, which I accept.

It's 5 PM and I clean my workstation. I come back to my room to have a nap before the beginning of the hostilities.

7 PM, I go for beer and pizza. Meet a French dude and an Irish chica.

We play drinking games till 9 PM and go downtown. We will go through four pubs.

Having been alone for two months, I quickly transform into a social butterfly. Solitude gives you wings.

I show off my moves on the dancefloor, play more drinking games, flirt a bit. I pretend to be a translator and hear the tales of fellow travelers.

All is well, until I go dance to some techno and lose everyone in the last pub. It was a complete labyrinth with dozens of dark rooms and hundreds of people.

Tipsy, I go back to my bed around 2 AM to wake up at 5 and go to the gym.

Even though I slept a few hours, I feel strangely lively.

I missed people.

And I'm looking forward to the following month—with less partying, obviously. It felt good to have a break from the hustle.