Finding places you can call home

I enjoyed imagining my ideal town when I was a child, and I came to the simple conclusion an ideal place is some sort of Eldorado where you can find everything.

I still wonder where are the best locations to live from. My environment influences my state of mind, and my mood influences where I like to be. But living somewhere is sacrificing an advantage for another.

Big or small cities, fast or slow internet, night life or not... I do not care so much. Traveling is adapting yourself.

Little pollution, a good climate, a soothing atmosphere... those are conditions I look for however.

I do not see myself traveling all the time. I do not see myself staying in one location forever either. I want to switch between different places I can call home, and occasionally discover new ones, for as long as I can.

A nomad's location is rythmed by seasons. Perhaps a digital nomad doesn't have to live differently.

Seasons are charged with symbolic meaning. Spring is rebirth. Summer is a time for adventures and new discoveries. Autumn for wisdom and gratitude. Winter is not death but hibernation, propitious to introspection.

I can see myself spending my summers in Scandinavia and my autumns in South-East Asia. Iberia during winter, and to close the cycle in France.

Looking for one unique Eldorado is a waste of time. It's easier to make your own one by traveling to different locations.