Extended Stay

I booked an Airbnb studio and enter self-isolation tomorrow.

It's not much different from how I usually lead my life, in all honesty. I naturally tend toward a monastic lifestyle to make the best of my workdays.

The past two weeks spent at the Avenue Hostel have been fascinating. I was there to witness the whole situation evolve. The city used to boom with life, it's now an empty shell. The hostel is now filled with regulars who've been through it all together—a sort of refugee camp—incredible people from all backgrounds and ages I was lucky to meet and interact with. Tonight, I celebrate one last time with them.

My productivity has seen better days—too much socializing and not enough quality sleep/food—but I'll live to tell the tale.

My stay in Budapest is thus extended for another month. I intend to use this time to finally release major changes to Cowriters and make some progress on my book. I also started receiving feedback about Bouquin, and the least I can say is I still have a long way to go before a full launch. It's alright, I made a deal with myself to keep going no matter what.