Everyday Marketing

Marketing is not an activity I do once a week. Everything I do is an opportunity to market my brand.

There is nothing dirty about doing marketing. It's simply about communicating what you offer to others. My product is only the tip of the iceberg. My work ethics and my knowledge - the Why and the How - are as important as What I'm trying to sell.

Here is a concrete example from my daily life. I'm a maker. My job is to make products. I do it a certain way, for certain reasons.

Making tech products implies programming, writing, interacting with others, and constantly learning new things.

Programming is writing. You can summarize what it is you're doing. A manifesto describes your Why. A product roadmap describes how things are going. Logging tasks on Makerlog shows what's been done and what you're currently working on.

Writing is a quest for truth, and truth always brings some sort of added value.

Interacting with others is the very essence of marketing. It builds compassion: you're more likely to help a friend than a stranger.

Learning is an opportunity to teach by sharing the knowledge you obtained.

Whatever you do, you must always keep the concept of golden circle in mind: you always link what it is you're doing to how and why you're doing it.

It's accessible to everyone. It doesn't matter what your job is or where you come from, we all benefit from sharing.