The Erasmus program is a standard student exchange program in European universities. The year I spent as an Erasmus student was the most impactful one of college. I suggest two points that allowed me to obtain this result: exchange and introspection.

It's important to go toward students and professors. I was lucky to study remotely and to attend one-on-one Skype meetings with my professors where I was able to discuss my professional interests.

I was involved in associative activities that lead me to travel to Danemark, Poland, and Romania, where I met brilliant people who profoundly impacted my vision of the world.

I could have traveled to Australia and met some koalas, it still would feel less exotic than a Swedish sauna party.

On the other hand, I came from a French program where the workload is known to be heavy. I had a lot of free time during my time in Sweden, which I used to reflect on my life, to experiment, or to seize opportunities for personal growth. For example, I worked in different branches of my industry during personal or college projects, took language classes, or just spent the time on myself with sports and readings. Having free time is similar to having freedom.

I didn't have any particular worries during my stay. As an Erasmus, it's easy to meet new people and I was financially covered by my scholarships. My sending institution was particularly helpful and arranging. My adopted university was great at integrating foreign students to make them feel welcomed.

I advise all students to take part in an exchange, the new perspective it brings is refreshing.