Entrepreneurship and Philosophy

Philosophy is the love of wisdom, and ho boy do we need more wisdom in the tech startup scene.

You don't become a philosopher by reading philosophy, philosophying is the act of loving wisdom and thus consciously or unconsciously seeking the truths of this world.

What is it entrepreneurs do? They own businesses. And a sustainable business solves a pain point, a problem. When Elon Musk tells us about his problem-solving method, he brings up First Principle Reasoning, which was coined by Aristotle.

A first principle is a general truth everyone can agree on. For example, humans are social animals, and thus successful startups are inherently social: Facebook wants "to bring the world closer together", owning a Tesla is feeling part of "the world's transition to sustainable transport", etc.

Knowing the underlying truth of a problem is part of marketing, it's making your product relatable and appealing to the people it applies. 200WaD was built because people are not writing enough (problem). We want to empower more people to write (mission) because humans have to express themselves to strive (first principle).

So, how do we make room for philosophy in our life? We must become researchers, to balance books with experiences and our own independent thinking.