Entrepreneurship and Mastery

I have a personal statement I live by:

Mastery is the goal. Tech, travel and writing are the tools.

Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest things you can do nowadays. Many try, few succeed. But I love a good challenge, and this is one of the reasons why I decided to go at it full-time straight out of college.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to confront your craft to reality.

I'm graduating as a software engineer in March this year. I can't say the perspective of having a stable job where I get to work regular hours for a great wage is not attracting. I would be glad to get my hands on any golden handcuff. But the problem isn't there: only by building a tech company can I really shine as a hacker.

It teaches me the necessary skills to excel in software engineering. Engineering is increasingly less about maintenance and more about creating great products.

A great product is useful, and it is used by many. Consequently, making a great tech product really is all about acquiring the self-discipline to execute on an idea at a high speed (technical mastery) while displaying a variety of highly marketable skills (marketing, branding, customer support etc.).

The success of a venture mostly depends on the ability to solve a real problem. Luck has its part, but don't fool yourself, it's a marginal part.

Entrepreneurship is the surest way to mastery.

Maybe one day I will run out of savings and I will have to get a job.

Is it so bad? I don't think so. Worse fates can befall me any time.

What more, you get to help people on a daily basis through your own work, so you always get that going for you which is highly rewarding if you take the time to appreciate it.