Entrepreneurial Animal

Trade has been a pillar of most human societies throughout the ages. Owning some sort of business used to be as natural as getting married. In Vietnam, it's still common to have a side-hustle helping the family business while working a full-time job. The same happens in most developing countries. Only in rich countries do we perceive entrepreneurship as a risky path only a select few can pursue.

Truth is, anybody with a few bucks to his name can become an entrepreneur nowadays. And it's not even hard, thanks to technology. There is just nothing glamorous about it anymore.

Worse, any person with an ounce of ambition to succeed in the professional world needs an entrepreneurial mindset. The talent pool keeps getting bigger and it gets harder to compete for attention. The bigger the objective, the bigger leverage you need. And launching a successful side-project is just that, a tangible proof of value tested against reality.

Success has never been about climbing the corporate ladder, it's about developing the creative freedom to work whenever, wherever and however you want on whatever you want.

I see so many friends struggling with passion and meaning, when in fact what matters is to just do something. Constantly experimenting, pursuing our interests, getting better, and combining it all to come up with our own answers. Time is only lost when we are not giving it our all.