Do Not Eat the Snake

You know the expression "Eat the frog"? Well, it's a bad figure of speech. Frogs are actually delicious. It's a delicacy you can find in France for example. I don't like eating frogs though, the cooking process is too cruel. Frog legs are torn apart from the living creature to keep the taste intact. It's kinda similar to how we boil lobsters alive.

Anyways, I ate some snake yesterday evening. "Eat the snake" would be a more suitable metaphor. It tastes a bit like liver, but the flavor is not as strong. It has a ferrous taste which I'm not particularly fond of.

Eating the frog is a time management metaphor meaning you should be doing the hardest thing first. The important one you want to avoid, usually. I don't follow this principle because I don't like being rushed. I need to warm up. I need a quick win before climbing the mountain.

Call me a spoiled brat, I don't care. Isn't it better to begin the day with some positivity, to start it off on the right foot? I won't eat the snake first thing in the morning. My mood is incredibly bad right after waking up. Never try to talk to me while I'm still sleepy. Why would I make it worse by eating weird animals then?