Disciplinatus Flexibilitate

How would I describe my work ethics in one expression? Leonardo Da Vinci had Ostinato Rigore. Stan Lee proposed Excelsior. I decided mine would be Disciplinatus Flexibilitate.

The first article I ever wrote online is called Chaos Routine. It already set the tone of what I'm aiming for in my professional life: kaizen and habitus, but also adaptability and an absence of dogma. That is, disciplined flexibility.

Flexibility is analogous to adaptability. Adaptation is the single factor for survival in Darwin's evolution theory: "it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself". As such, adaptability is a prerequisite for any project's success. We need values, but we can't be afraid of questioning them. Reinventing ourselves is mandatory.

Discipline implies focus and tenacity. It's not the same as blindly following a path, an order, or a process, as in "military discipline". It's more about consistency and the idea that you need a certain rigor and intensity to do hard things.

I prefer using the Latin version of this motto. I didn't choose the Latin version just because I wanted to put my three years of Latin studies to use. I find it more poetic to use a dead language, it adds an extra layer to the formula - a memento mori reminding me to keep my word before it's too late. Words remain dead organisms if you don't act according to them.

Disciplinatus Flexibilitate. That's what I stand for every day.