Designing a Logo

I never understood people buying a logo before actually launching their digital product. What a waste of time and money.

Your visual identity will never matter as much as your value proposition: a logo is secondary and you shouldn't spend more than a day to come up with one.

My approach is straightforward: I keep it free and as simple as possible. I won't pretend my logos look great, but they are clean and meaningful.

For example, my personal logo was made in 15 minutes using Gimp and a free font. I just took the first letter of my name and surname, superposed them, cut some parts, and added a square to symbolize my motto (Disciplined Flexibility) and my nomad lifestyle (the four cardinal directions). You can do the same with or Figma for free without any design knowledge.

200WaD's logo was made by using a copyright-free picture of an ensō I found online. I just cut a small part from it and added a dot and a comma to make it look like a bent pen. The dot symbolizes the self, the circle represents repetition, and the pen is the act of writing. It took me less than an hour to come up with it.

Look at Facebook's new logo and imagine they are paying designers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Is it original? Absolutely not. A good logo is clear. A great logo is memorable. Everybody can recognize Nike's logo with a single glance and draw it without thinking.

As an indie maker without funds, paying a designer to create a logo only makes sense after your business becomes sustainable. Don't be that guy spending hundreds of dollars on the logo of a business concept, it's simply ridiculous.

If your logo is too complex to make yourself, it's probably not memorable. Some makers combine emojis picked in 5 minutes and use it for their business (example: Leave Me Alone). It has no incidence on their business.

What's hard, however, is coming up with a beautiful logo (pretty, meaningful, and understandable) you can easily scale and reproduce (vectorized + golden ratio). That's where a designer's help is needed. The first version doesn't have to be perfect though, so get your hands dirty and use free tools to come up with something. Keep it minimalistic and it will be good enough.