Default to Writing

I read a singular sentence in Jason Fried's Rework: "Everything is Marketing". Every element of a business is an opportunity to stand up and share. Similarly, if your eyes are piercing enough, everything is an opportunity to write.

After almost nine months of continuous daily writing, I'm having the impression each of the tasks I perform in my work can default to a writing activity.

Reading is an opportunity to write a summary or Cornell notes, or to draw a mind-map. Watching a movie or listening to a song can become a review. A business idea can be shared as a tweet. A piece of code is a text with a limited vocabulary, a set of comments, and a commit message.

Even if it's just merely documenting, it's an incredible thing to internalize: you are full of stories worth sharing, the subject matter expert of your own life.

It's your duty to share this special inner voice with your fellow humans. That's how we evolve as a species, by building upon each other's experience. All you need is a bit of creativity to bridge the mundane to the fundamental truths of life. After all, we write because we are looking for some sort of truth, an attempt at transcribing reality.