Deep writing

It's a slow day. My first week in a new city is always exhausting because my body is getting used to a new environment. It affects my metabolism and my internal clock, so I'm resting a lot and focusing on taking care of my diet. Today is a sort of off-day where I walk around, don't drink coffee and go early to bed.

Tomorrow is Friday. It's the first day where I try my new weekly project split routine. I need to write much more in 2020, so I decided to give myself three days per week to focus on writing.

My days are usually centered around making digital products: writing is a secondary activity. Now that I'm working as a freelance writer a few hours a week and that I have book projects, I need days of deep writing.

It will be an opportunity to see how many words I can write on a single day when I remove all barriers. I'll also be able to spend more time reading and thinking offline.

I'll work on a case study tomorrow for a customer. Saturday and Sunday will be about making progress on the new version of my book Alter-Nomad. Researching will probably give me ideas for my regular daily posts here, so I'll also try to write short posts in bulk to give myself more time during the week.

It was time to give writing a higher priority in my life.