Da Vinci inspired Resume

How to convey your diverse skills and interests to your audience when you're selling your expertise to potential customers or employers?

A sales pitch is reader-centric, focused on the identified needs of the customer. Resumes are no different. You can shower the reader with keywords, job titles, achievements, and personal projects, but it's not directly telling the person analyzing you what you can bring to the table.

I stumbled upon Leonardo Da Vinci's resume the other day, and I was fascinated by its clarity. It's not a resume per see - resume originating from the Latin expression Curriculum Vitae, "life's course", it's supposed to be a sort of auto-biography by definition - but it's impactful, memorable, and it pique the reader's curiosity at a glance: exactly what we expect from a good resume.

I decided to give it a try on my personal website, so here is my first attempt. Let me know what you think!

Dear reader,

Let's skip the part where I shower you with job titles and achievements to go straight to the part where I tell you how you can benefit from getting in touch with me.

1) I can develop any sort of static website that won't cost you anything to host, with built-in search engine optimization while remaining lightning-fast to load.

2) I have the means to build any web application you might need, be it to increase your revenues or decrease your operational costs, independently of the legacy architecture surrounding the delivery.

3) I have devised a method to make a writer out of anyone, to serve both personal and professional aspirations.

4) I can help you reach financial independence faster or access a bigger talent pool by sharing with you what I know about sustainable digital nomadism.

5) If you are in dire need of testing a business idea, I can fast-prototype minimum viable products in a short amount of time.

6) I can help kickstarting additional income sources by developing and launching online businesses that won't necessitate external funding or a prohibitive budget.

(... to be continued?)