Creation, Destruction

An artist is a master of life and death, of creation and destruction.

Destruction is always less attracting than creation. Destruction has a negative connotation because it's associated with mortality, but in the end, it's an integral part of change. You have to lose some before you earn some. We have to destroy before we can create.

Destruction is the simplification process that gives room to growth. Muscles have to break down before increasing in mass.

Instead of focusing on what we lack, maybe we should assess what we can remove from our lives first.

It's far easier to destroy than it is to create. For this very reason, we should always strive to reduce before adding: severing ties to remove emotional drains, decluttering to focus on what matters, burning boats to remove any mean to escape, killing projects to move on with better ones... sometimes in order to be better, we just have to be lighter.

There isn't really such thing called a creation process, there is only a transformation process where we both create and destroy. Good artists constantly reinvent themselves, and you can't reinvent yourself without dying a little. As makers, we have to acknowledge this side of the job, this shadow.