Creating New Opportunities

As the co-founder of Linkedin Reid Hoffman says, opportunities come from people. If you want new opportunities, you need to meet new people.

Even though I agree with this statement, meeting new people on Linkedin and putting my content out there didn't help me generate opportunities. I am not sure why honestly. Maybe I'm just in the wrong network with the wrong people, or my content doesn't resonate with the users of the platform. Or perhaps the way Linkedin is designed is not for me.

I'm more of a Twitter guy. Twitter seems more content-driven than Linkedin. If you stay consistent and authentic in the tweets you deliver, you can create a following over time. My first customer as a freelance writer contacted me through Twitter, and another three possible customers contacted me last week through the same medium. I didn't have to ask for anything. Sharing my knowledge and telling my story has been enough to create new opportunities.

I'm also a firm believer in niche communities. For example, joining Product Hunt allowed me to meet people I'm still in touch with, like Nesslab's founder Anne-Laure Le Cunff or maker Kevin Nguyen. I wouldn't have worked on Makerlog's blog if Anne-Laure didn't contact me to write for Makermag, and I wouldn't have mustered the confidence to accept a writing gig.

The ones who grow focus on creating quality relationships.

Strong bonds are built on trust. Trust comes from consistency and transparency. Add value every day and be authentic. Don't hide behind your products, your screens, your writings... just share and try to help when you can, or as the movie puts it, pay it forward.