Craftsmanship as a Tech Business Model

In a near future, tech companies will be divided between Google-like megacorporations and small tech businesses.

IT is getting increasingly distributed. With the rise of micro-services, some products that would have taken a whole team to make 10 years ago now takes one developer to implement. Sometimes you don't even need to code anymore. Code and domain expertise are becoming a commodity.

Businesses will have to grow big or keep getting leaner.

On the other hand, people are getting tired of huge companies. There is a need for ethical entities that can be trusted. This is where small businesses come in.

I am not merely predicting it. It already happened in the agriculture industry. Local and/or organic food are making a come back. Individuals are tired of being mindless consumers, and it's affecting the biggest companies as well: the offering is evolving to include more responsible products.

People always prefer meaningful transactions over faceless corporations. This is one of the aspects where small businesses win.

Consequently, going back to the craftsmanship model is a real opportunity for tech companies to survive and strive.

Customer care, rather than call centers.

Speed of execution, rather than heavy processes.

Authenticity, rather than corporate brands.

Progress, rather than the sole pursuit of profit.