Content Creation in College

Back in college, I wish someone would have told me how important it is to have an online presence through content creation.

We are taught how to write a resume. Then we are told to register on Linkedin and upload these short summaries of our lives. We are prepared to apply to jobs and perform interviews. The school's alumni network allows any student to identify work opportunities.

Even though the employment rate remains high, students are growing increasingly dissatisfied with the current job market. Most settle for the first opportunity they are offered.

We are told the most important thing is to find a fulfilling job, but we are not taught how to find purpose. I have friends who are still struggling with this apparent lack of meaning, even after graduating.

Content creation is a solution to both problems. It's a way to connect with others, and thus to access new opportunities. It also forces the creator to perform an introspection to find interesting things to talk about.

Your years as a student are invaluable because you are naturally confronted with new knowledge every day. Not just academic knowledge but also new life experiences. All those changes you are going through is great content material.

Imagine if instead of mindlessly going through your coursebook you would take detailed notes and publish them as a blog post. It would not only demonstrate your expertise to a potential employer but also increase your own productivity and become a social currency to collaborate with fellow students or professionals.

The more knowledge you share, the more opportunities you create. When you let your personality shine through your content, it helps you connect with the right people. We have nothing to gain from remaining in the dark.

Create a blog, a Youtube channel, a podcast, a newsletter... or whatever medium you prefer. Be consistent, but don't take it too seriously, it should remain fun. Enjoy.