Cheap Thrills

I find the best things in life to be either free or cheap: Bolognese pasta, a bike ride, friendship, knowledge... anyone can enjoy those at an affordable price. But we are wired to focus on the things that are out of our reach.

Do we even know what it is we already have? I don't know what's exactly in my bag right now. I don't know how the nerves in my hands operate. I don't know if I feel excited or tired or caffeinated.

Modern humans are deeply individualistic: we want what's best for us. Yet, we always experience outside of ourselves - existence, from the Latin words ex (out) and stare (to stand), to live outside of your head. It is in our very nature to imagine what's possible and what's out there in the world for us to take.

The problem is, most people end up living deferred lives. Not enough in the present, not enough introspection, too much leaving reality in a spiral of escapism.

We have to re-learn to enjoy the cheap thrills. The apparently-small details we can act upon now which always end up having the biggest impact.

We can only do so by nurturing a habit of mindfulness. Writing is a part of it. So is exercising or meditation. We only need to remind ourselves to open our inner eyes.