Bye Bye, Resistance!

I spent the whole day outside visiting family and I have 4 hours left to write my post. I ate a lot, I feel tired, I feel rushed, and yet I don't find it hard to reach the 200 words count. I only had one worry in mind: what could I possibly write about?

Even after writing continuously for 169 days, my current streak starting before I actually released 200WaD, the question still comes to haunt me.

Writing 200 words is now part of the daily habits I feel no resistance in achieving. All you have to do is to focus on documenting your thoughts rather than trying to come up with original post ideas.

I absolutely adore the movie "The Mystery of Picasso", which was introduced to me by my mother when I was a child. This documentary directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot starts with the following statement:

One would die to know what was on Rimbaud's mind when he wrote "The Drunken Boat"... or on Mozart's when he composed his symphony "Jupiter". We'd love to know that secret process guiding the creator through his perilous adventures. Thankfully, what is impossible to know for poetry and music is not in the case of painting. To know what's going through a painter's mind one just needs to look at his hand. Here's what the painter's experiencing. He's walking, sliding on a tight rope. He's following a curve on the right, a spot on the left. If he misses and loses his balance, everything is lost. The painter stumbles like a blind man in the darkness of the white canvas. The light that slowly appears is paradoxically created by the painter who draws one black curve after another. [...]

Understand this: a writer paints words. Documenting a simple event is the first brush stroke which will lead you to a more emotional idea or past experience, perhaps even entertaining. All paintings start with a sketch. Appetite comes with eating.

That's exactly what I just did with this post, and I can do it any day ad infinitum now. Bye Bye, Resistance!