Building a House

Building my own tiny house is a thing I absolutely want to do during my lifespan. I love making stuff with my own hands, and building a house is probably the most useful thing you can learn.

I got the idea watching an uncle of mine living in a little cabin he made in his garden. Then I read Thoreau's Walden and I knew I wanted to try it eventually.

All I need fits in a backpack, so I guess I don't need to build something big. I've been looking at this Youtube channel called "Living Big in a Tiny House" lately, and I find it super inspiring. I've always been attracted to minimalism and this is definitely going hand in hand with it.

Humans have a special relationship with their house. Architecture is not just about building cool skyscrapers, it's about developing a bond with your surrounding space. In some cultures, it's part of the rite of passage to adulthood to build your own place to live in. I find it fascinating. I remember taking a career test in middle school: engineering and architecture were both mentioned in my results, I ended up developing a passion for software engineering but who knows? Maybe I'm an architect in a parallel universe.

Maybe I should document my search to build my own Walden. I don't intend to start acting on it before I reach my thirties, but the seed is sowed.