Brainstorming a Newsletter

October will be the newsletter month. Three newsletters launching.

Sipreads was the first one earlier this month. We already gathered 500 emails. It's a simple email sent with Buttondown containing the new monthly content.

200 Words a Day used to have a daily and a weekly newsletter. But due to the growth of the community I hit the Mailchimp quota and fell out of habit. The new blog featuring writers of the community and practical tips for writing is launching soon, so I think it's time to re-introduce the weekly newsletter to deepen the community aspect. Suggestions are welcome.

Last but not least, I'm going to launch a personal newsletter. The idea is to push my public accountability to its limit by sending out a weekly review of my maker life: what's been done, what did I write, best content on social media, new sales, new expenses, etc.

As of today I log in every task I perform in Makerlog, but I don't have any curation mechanism to get a good overview of what's happening. A weekly review is great to figure out what went well and what I can improve. Adding a public accountability aspect to it might make it more exciting.

I'm not sure about the name yet. I thought about "The Naked Run", because a public review is sort of exposing myself to the world and entrepreneurship is a marathon. Or maybe just Road to Ramen but I don't want to repeat myself. Or something else, I don't know.

Another reason why I want to launch more newsletters is become I know next to nothing about email marketing. It's time to fill this void.

I'll probably launch next week after I finish cleaning up my personal website. Keeping you updated!