Brainstorming a freelance business

I want to start a freelance business next month to keep myself afloat while I'm developing 200 Words a Day. I am brainstorming some ideas for services I could offer. Getting a full-time job or a long-term freelance project is out of the question as I want to focus on this website, so I need to think of short-term gigs I can do well and fast.

  • Fast prototyping: create minimum viable products for individuals and companies
  • Landing page or website development
  • Product / Entrepreneurship Consulting: advise and strategize indie businesses via video call for an hourly fee
  • Writing gigs: copywriting, article redaction, technical pieces etc.
  • French teacher: French is my mother tongue
  • Digital nomad coach: help people get started as a digital nomad, develop healthy and sustainable travel routines. I'm not a big fan of the idea but it's apparently a thing. Maybe I should try it.

Once I will be done with the definition phase, I'm going to create a dedicated page per service on my personal website. Each page will contain a brief description, a targeted portfolio, a Stripe integration and a link to a calendar app. If I market it well I won't have to rely on third-party platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.