Book Design

I just came back to my parents' house. The French countryside is cold and quiet, yet peaceful. It is the perfect environment to gather my thoughts and finish my book.

I'm sitting in my childhood room. My very own Fortress of Meditation. Coated in a poncho, I haven't shaved in weeks. I look like a lunatic. My writings are sitting there with me. They are still raw and need some structure.

I went with a three-part structure at first, but I'm not satisfied with it.

Now I decided to divide my work into 50+ atomic sections, each covering a thought I have about travel, mobility, or nomadism. Each section should be able to stand on its own while deepening the meaning of the overall structure, like a beautiful forest of majestic trees. Practical, yet challenging. Book design is not easy. Each part should be well balanced. I feel inspired by Montaigne's Essays when it comes to style. He writes in a didactic manner, but he never misses to entertain the reader. An enlighted consciousness, in a paper format. That's what a book should be.

I should be done with the initial structure by tomorrow. There are 15 days left before the release date.