Be Your Own Investor

Indie makers reject external funds. They are their own investors and rely on actual customers to create a healthy business model. We should take note: be your own investor.

It is mandatory to invest in ourselves. We can't expect to generate wealth without having skin in the game. If we believe in our ideas, it's only natural to use our own time and our own money to acquire our first users. When we put our lives on the line, we learn to mitigate the ever-changing risks: we reduce our burn rates, and we start leveraging the constraints put in front of us instead of avoiding them with money. More importantly, we prioritize learning experiences over revenues - because it's rapidly acquired knowledge that will enable us to succeed, and not inertia.

We also have to diversify our portfolios, by working with others, trying different things, getting involved in communities, and nurturing strong relationships with ambitious local people.

When I say "local", I mean people whose work ethics, ambitions, and values are close to yours.

It's better to start earlier to leverage the power of compound interest. If we can't be consistent and habit-driven, we will eventually miss on huge interests. Similarly, we shouldn't take inconsiderate medical, financial, or professional risks to favor the long-term gains.

Think of your career or life work as an index fund.