Band of Gypsies

I have always been a traveler. I owe this to my parents. When I was a baby they would take me around Iberia whenever they could go on vacation. They didn't have a lot of money, but traveling was the best gift they could offer my brother and I.

My father spent his youth riding his motorbike in Greece and Italy listening to Bob Dylan. My mother was hanging out with gypsy kids when she was still a child and is still a die-hard hippie at heart. Sometimes I imagine myself as a modern Corto Maltese, born from a french gypsy witch and a vietnamese biker.

For as long as I can remember I spent my summer holidays in a van on the roads of Spain and Portugal. This is how I learnt slow traveling. We met people and made friends. We could stay in a given location for as long as we pleased, and move to another town the next day. When you travel in a van you can truly experience how locals live since you are not bound to any schedule or guide. You can go to the town market in the morning, cook stuff like you would at home, and eat like a local. Sometimes it's too complicated to find a place to park so you have to hit the road again. Regularly you have to go on a water supply point hunt.

We lived like tzigans, and it was great.

Today I'm a nomad entrepreneur. My parents have been nomading around Portugal for the last 3 months in a camping car. My brother joined them for Christmas from Faro's airport.

We are still living like gypsies in a sense. A band of gypsies.