Back to the Iron Temple

I always find it both funny and accurate to compare a gym to a religious building. You have to go at least once a week, everyone worships the same god (yourself, there is narcissism to it), but no one follows the same program.

The problem is I was so focused on releasing a proof of concept for Bouquin while raising money for my ventures with freelance that I neglected taking care of my health over the last month.

Since I'm already spending all my time working from home, I don't want to exercise there as well, so yesterday I decided to join a gym for $30 a month.

I think this is a good temporary investment. It's a 1400m² gym, 100 meters from my place with good squat racks and Olympic bars.

I especially like the design of this gym. There are two floors and half a dozen rooms. It feels like a labyrinth. It's the exact same feeling you get when you go to A ruin bar in Budapest. The gym's beaten walls and equipment reinforces the comparison.

More importantly, I don't have to queue. There is space for everyone, even though I plan to show up at 6 AM three times a week and get the whole gym to myself.

I still follow the same program: Stronglifts 5x5. It's simple once you learn proper form and I have good results with it.

The struggle was real this morning, almost threw up (drank a coffee before going, was excited, and didn't rest enough in-between each series). I'm confident I'll get eventually outgrow this phase, but I have to be patient.

Of course, I'm also getting back into a better diet. Mainly rice, beans, pasta/noodles, and chankonabe-like hotpots with meat and lots of veggies. I cook in bulk once a day to keep things fresh and tasty.