Back to the Grind

Last family meeting and last gargantuan meal of the holiday season today. I feel the new year weighing on me. The work ahead is as intimidating as ever, or perhaps it is just my stomach playing tricks on me.

I acquired enough leverage in 2019 to design a sustainable lifestyle in 2020, whether it is in terms of interpersonal relationships, skills, or personal branding. I'm happy with the balance I found. I just have to keep delivering and aiming higher.

I'm moving to Budapest in three days and will probably stay there for two or three months. The environment will be perfect for deep work, which is great because January is about to be intensive: one product launch, one rebrand, and new resolution-makers to onboard.

I'm dedicating the last three days I have in France to dust off my product roadmaps, plan the upcoming days, and meditate on what I'm trying to build. I'm still having a hard time formulating it. I could call it a Y Combinator for writers, but this is not quite true. I do want to create a platform for people to flourish through writing but in a more open and inclusive fashion.

I cannot pretend I know a lot about the writing world either: my writings are barely acceptable and I still have a lot to learn. I cannot teach, but I can document my journey and try to find things that work for me (and hopefully, for others as well).

Writing with others also taught me a lot about what it takes to develop a sustainable writing habit. I'm still having a hard time realizing some 200WaD members reached a year's worth of posts. What's the difference between a member of the one year club and a one-poster? How can I convince anyone of the benefits of writing? How can I help everyone create wealth--monetary or not--from writing? 2020 is the year I try to formulate new answers to those questions.