Ayet Routine

I got myself a nice routine since I came back to my hometown in France two weeks ago. It wasn't planned, so I'm writing it down to adapt it when I'm abroad.

I wake up between 6 and 9 AM depending on how late I went to bed. If I wake up at 6, I work till 8 AM at my desk in my bedroom. I then have eggs and coffee for breakfast. If I wake up later, I skip the eggs and settle for coffee.

By 9:30 I'm back in the zone and I work on my products till lunch. Design, programming, or project management. My parents call me to eat around 1 PM. I take another cup of coffee and wrap up my on-going tasks.

I leave my desk at 3 PM to lift weights or bike 6-10 km on some rural roads.

I take a shower an hour later and get myself a little snack. From 4:30 to 7:00 PM, I dedicate my time to writing and reading. There are days where I have urgent tasks to finish so I replace those two hours with more traditional work. When it's not the case, I come downstairs to the living room with a notebook, a pen, and an e-reader. I sit down at the big table by the fireplace. A lamp and a glass of water accompany me.

My retired parents are usually not far from me, so it's also an opportunity to spend more time near them (I'm often working alone in my room with the door shut to avoid any distraction).

I try to write two 200-word articles a day, but I often end up with only one and fill the rest of the time reading. It's still a habit I'm working on: I've been trying to write my daily posts in bulk but I fail to schedule my day accordingly.

Around 6:30 I go back upstairs and start editing my daily post. I get hungry by 7 PM and have a hard time focusing, so I just walk around in the kitchen.

After dinner, I avoid work and try relaxing to prepare my body for bed.

If I feel too tired, I go to bed around 9 PM. This is the ideal scenario because my body naturally wakes up at 6 AM the next day, even as early as 4 AM a few times. I sleep less, I feel more energized, and I don't need an alarm clock.

If my mind is still agitated, I watch a movie with my family and fall asleep around midnight. The alarm clock rings at 8 AM and I hit the snooze button for up to an hour.

Rinse and repeat.