Atomic Writing

Writing is about conveying ideas using words. In business writing, you want people to learn something with the hope to convince them to get more from you. Unlike fiction, it's not about provoking your reader's imagination, it's about being understood.

To be understood, clarity matters most. Your writings must be easy to digest without losing any nutrient: a great read is a gastronomic experience.

All great meals share common characteristics: they look good, they sustain your health, and they go straight to the point.

It looks good. Structure matters. You want your paragraphs and sections to be cleverly organized as to ease comprehension. People who write software follows something known as a Single Responsibility Principle: every component should have responsibility for a single part of the feature provided by the software. It's the same with your texts: each paragraph should cover a single idea. No more, no less.

Reading is food for thought: your text must pack a punch! Find new perspectives, new analogies. Bridge two completely opposite ideas to create a new one. In two words, try to be innovative in the way you deliver value. Ever felt like articles are all the same? You don't want to give this impression, so tell your story, not someone else's.

Each ingredient matters. A thoughtful meal has no superfluous element to it. Each part can stand on its own, but you can put them together in a seamless fashion. You only write what you need the reader to understand.

We could call this atomic writing: a modular yet efficient way to tell stories.