Always Alone, Never Lonely

Yesterday I went to a Tinder date for research purpose.

It struck me how easy it is to socialize nowadays.

You can travel alone far from your own country and still connect with people whenever you feel like it. The culture might be different, but all humans have the same basic needs for friendship, love, and happiness. All it takes is for us to overcome the invisible social barriers built in our minds.

We will die alone. We are always alone, but it doesn't mean we have to feel lonely.

I'm a big introvert, but I can switch on my inner extrovert from time to time. I end up drained the next day and it takes some alone time to refill the energy. Still, it expands my comfort zone.

One thing I believed in for a long time is that when you travel you can't make meaningful connections.

I think this is partially wrong because you can learn to create meaning from the simplest conversations. When you are authentic and genuinely curious about someone, you end up asking the right questions that will lead to more meaningful relationships.

Loneliness is an actionable mindset.

Another interesting thing is that the more people you travel with, the less meaningful the relationships you develop. This tribe effect is toxic. It prevents social flexibility because the tribe comes first, not the others.

Don't be afraid to travel alone. Traveling alone is never lonely.