Alter-Nomad: book presentation

The world demands change, now more than ever.

Underemployment is growing. Global inequality is increasing. We are nowhere near solving our ecological issues.

Challenges are many, but each problem brings an opportunity. Modern Nomadism is one of them.

My name is Basile Samel, and I spent more than 3 years living in foreign countries. I was born in France, studied in Sweden and worked as a software engineer in Switzerland to finally build my own tech products remotely while traveling across Europe and Asia. To me, digital nomadism is not just a trendy topic, it's an original way of life.

Of course, every lifestyle comes with its own problematics. It's getting increasingly easier to become a digital nomad. You can find many books and online courses that can help you with that. I doubt they prove to be of any use to you, and I'm convinced they tackle the wrong issues. The challenge is not to become a digital nomad, it is to develop a sustainable lifestyle with traveling as an enabler, an alter-nomadism.

Alter-Nomad is a collection of practical essays gathering personal tips, experiences and thoughts I accumulated throughout my researches on the topic of nomadism.

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