Alter-Nomad: 19 days left

My first book is almost there! I went from someone who doesn't write regularly to an author in less than 4 months. It still amazes me how smooth this journey was. All it took was to commit to a simple daily writing habit. This post is a little update on how my book is going so far.

This week I released a website to pre-order the book. It took me a few days to build. The hardest part was the implementation of the payment gateway as I was not familiar with how one-time invoices work through Stripe. Now it works. And 7 people already pre-ordered the book.

In the meantime, I gathered all the data I have about my writings in a spreadsheet: links to each relevant post, covered topic, word count, title etc. I consider those writings as raw material for the final book. Some are merged. Some are divided into several sections. Each one is being edited to create a natural flow and ease the understanding of the reader.

I have 22k words so far. After editing and adding new material I should end up around 30k words, 5000 words more than I expected.

Once I judge the structure of a given section satisfying, I copy/paste everything in Grammarly to make some final adjustments. I then move everything in a markdown file with the corresponding bibliography and push the result in a Git versioning system.

If all goes well I should be ready by March 7. The final week will be dedicated to marketing and proof-reading.

Can't wait for the release!!!