almost broke my streak

I'm currently writing on a boat in the famous Ha Long Bay. There is no Wi-Fi. I was told there would be. Barely any mobile network either. I'm frantically writing with the hope I will be able to hit publish. Resistance is strong today. We woke up early to catch a bus. It took us four hours from Hanoï to reach the beautiful rounded sea moutains. Then the boat started cruising the sea. We ate lunch inside, then head to the auxiliary boat for a quick tour, which ultimately lead us to a platform full of kayaks. I took one. We landed on a solitary beach with the 14 of us to have a swim. It's now almost time for dinner and I'm starving. But I had to write my 200 words first. There is no way I will let anything get in the way of my streak, of my work. No beauty in the world can ever change my mind. You have to put in the work when it really matters to you. This is no exception. I think it truly is the first time I'm faced with a lack of connectivity. There is no real off-grid possible when you are building a habit. Hopefully, tomorrow is another day, an easier one.