Achilles' Dilemma

Sometimes, when things get hard and I can't help but feel lonely, I forget why I became an entrepreneur in the first place, and I wish I had pursued a more stable position.

It's hard to ignore your reptilian programming. To seek the comfort of a good job, before spending all weekends forgetting you have one. To lock yourself in an identity, a situation. To chase money and status. To cherish praises, to dwell in the everyone's (and thus no one's) approval.

Most people want rest, stability, or happiness. Is it what we are here for? Why don't we all just eat, sleep, watch TV, and f* all day then?

First Principle 1: I am no religious or spiritual man. I don't believe in doing good deeds for the sake of an after-life or a metaphysical being. I believe life has no meaning, and thus I'm free to create my own.

First Principle 2: I can't feel good if I cannot share what makes me feel good: "happiness is only real when shared". Consequently, I do not exist without others, and I shall dedicate my life to the sustainability of humankind.

First Principle 3: I am unable to judge what is good if I do not understand what is bad: becoming wise is internalizing and seeking new experiences. Stability is needed to grow and build upon, but intellectual sedentism is a dangerous necrosis.

Listen well Basile, and never fail to remember: those three principles are why you choose a life spent seeking mastery as an entrepreneur over a life of comfort.