A Quest for Simplicity

I find more beauty in seemingly simple things. Life is too easily wasted not to focus on the essential: what makes us humans, and what makes us shine the brightest. The rest is distraction or vanity.

I care little about achieving goals and dreams or going through a bucket list.

I fear, however, not making the everyday choice to rethink what I believe is a life well-lived and to embrace it fully.

A life well-lived is close to nature. I can hear its call late at night, when I'm about to fall sleep in my 12-bed dorm room. The whispers of the trees. The wind gushing through the blades of grass. The insects and birds working in the forest. The plants dancing under a reddish sun.

I am fed up with crowds and the monotonous expectations of modern life. I want to witness and be part of life in its rawest, purest form. One where there is nowhere to go and no one to be. Only the road to walk, the people you meet on the way, the craft to attend, and the communal garden to take care of and watch grow.

I feel like most societies sucked the bone marrow out of life, only to leave an empty shell of luxuries that aren't quite filling my hunger. I strive for more, but also for less. The balance is mine to find, I just have to start digging.