A 200 Words a Day's manifesto?

There is no way to tell how 200WaD will evolve over the next year but we can think about what we want to build.

200WaD was started to solve a problem: most people do not write enough. We feel too busy juggling between work, routine, and relatives to spend time thinking by ourselves.

Some of us might want to change this aspect, for a variety of reasons: to share your thoughts, to materialize your existence into this very world, to leave a legacy, or maybe simply for the feeling of fulfillment scribbling brings.

Writing impacts all areas of life. From business communication to art and mental health, words make us humans.

The mission of 200 Words a Day is to empower people to write and remind them that you don’t have to be a published author to be a writer. Writing has been around since the dawn of the time, and no matter how much the world changes, we all have something to tell.

We are here to bring down the myth of the self-made writer. The journey is yours to take and yours to follow, but you can count on a community to help you reach your destination. Writing is social. Personal growth, collaboration, transparency, and openness shall unite us.

There is no overnight success. Being a writer is not a goal, only a process. 200 words at a time.

We welcome anyone willing to put in the work, no matter your sex, your gender, your age, your race, your religion, or your income: a free online writing group, open and supranational. No one should have to pay to access the benefits of writing and technology. Education is a human right.

Let us not forget our purpose, writing is liberating, and may 200 Words a Day benefit us all.

thank you @antoniogaryjr for helping me formulate the mission statement :)