6 Months of 200WaD

I've been doing this 200 words a day thing for 6 months. Half a birthday, significant enough to write about it.

Scribbling down 200 words for 189 days doesn't seem like a big achievement. Most people probably write much more at work or on Twitter.

The big difference to understand is how deliberate practice is much harder. You have to plan to sit down for at least half an hour every day, find something to write about, and actually hit publish. Most people give up after a few days, only the prepared remain.

My own results speak for themselves: I wrote 174 public posts and 32 private posts in 189 days, which amounts to 59k words (235 pages) written in public, at an average word count of 338 words per post, and 20k (80 pages) words published in private. And a hundred bucks in pre-orders.

Compound growth is such an important concept to grasp and apply. In my case, it resulted in 79k words, or 315 pages in an ebook format (250 words = 1 page).

I never wrote consistently before, and I did it while building a tech startup and traveling the world at the same time. It's all about the little step. All macroscopic bodies can be broken down to a microscopic level.

The single advice I want to give you is to keep writing, you never know where it might lead.