3 Days Till Christmas Eve

My brother arrived at the family house. His semester just ended, which means there are only three days left before the big Christmas Eve dinner.

We will all gather at my uncles'. I say "all", but we never managed to get every member of the family in the same place. We are just too spread out.

My father has 11 brothers and sisters, so I have many cousins.

My mother's family is also a big one. They tried organizing a cousinade two years ago and made it to the local newspapers: "90 family members gathered today, something never seen before". I didn't see it either because I wasn't there. Probably somewhere in Switzerland.

I wasn't there last Christmas either. I'm not a huge fan of family reunions. I'm happy to eat good food and catch up with familiar faces but I could pass on the useless political debates and arguments.

I'll probably get a lot of questions about my weird lifestyle: "when will you look for a job" or "how are girls in Ukraine", I bet. It's often the same questions. Life is slow in rural France, and I'm having a hard time describing what I do. It doesn't really matter, I'll find it entertaining. I'll just have fun and enjoy the moment while it lasts.