2019 Bucket List

1) Hard Launch 200 Words a Day

The product and the community are growing every day. The main bugs are fixed, new features are coming along, and the first monthly-recurring revenues have been registered. It's time to scale and reach new product heights.

2) Achieve Ramen Profitability by January 2020

If I want to keep working on my products I need to reach ramen profitability: earn enough money from making products to cover my basic living expenses. My target is 1000$ in monthly-recurring revenues or 12000$ in gross revenues. The two streams of income I want to focus on are 1) my public book and 2) 200 Words a Day.

3) Work remotely from a Buddhist monastery for a month

I had this idea two months ago from a traveler I met in Penang. She and her sister joined a meditation retreat for one week. This experience kinda fascinates me so I wonder if I could find a way to receive the teachings and apply them in parallel on my business. For short, I want to push the Mindful Maker idea to the extreme. Maybe I could find a way to use my skills in IT in exchange for time off that I could dedicate on my personal work.

4) Release my book written in public by March 15

I want 200 Words a Day to be an awesome platform for writers from all backgrounds. The first step is to build a community product to get into a writing habit. The next step will be to make something out of those writings that could be monetizable for every member. If I don't walk this path first I cannot tell others to follow me in this journey, so I decided to write every day to publish this book made in public while building the publishing platform in parallel. Empowering people into becoming authors through a dead-simple product is my dream. Not just writing for the sake of writing, but writing to help yourself and others.

5) World Tour: meet makers and entrepreneurs all over the world

I'm gonna have to travel some more. Meeting like-minded people to learn from them is becoming increasingly dear to me. Thus, instead of choosing destinations at random, it might be cool to visit makers directly.

6) Create a maker band

What if we took the concept of music bands and applied it to entrepreneurship? Not a co-founder relationship per see, but a new form of collaborative company with friends making random things for fun. My friend Justin who is from Malaysia reminded me a few days ago of this idea we had together 3 years ago. Maybe it's time to make it a reality.

7) Bike tour

Take my bike, a bag, and a tent. Code and write from the roadside. Test my limits on how nomad I can go.

(?) to be updated