200 Words a Day is 2 months old! πŸŽ‰

January 23, 2019

Born on November the 22nd last year, 200 Words a Day turned 2 months old yesterday. I waited till today to write about it as I wanted to generate some stats. Here we go:

πŸ’Ž Fellowship

  • We are now 1915 members (+1484 subscribers/+325%)
  • 99 members joined our Slack workspace
  • 394 members wrote at least one post (21%)
  • 250 wrote at least 2 posts (13%)
  • 195 wrote at least 3 posts (10%)
  • 162 wrote at least 4 posts (8.5%)
  • 142 wrote at least 5 posts (7.4%)
  • 124 wrote at least 6 posts (6.5%)
  • 113 wrote at least 7 posts (5.9%)

πŸ“š Content

  • We wrote 2289 posts over the month (+240.6%) for a total of 2961 posts.

πŸ“ˆ Traffic (not enough data to make a comparison with the previous month)

  • 80,566 page views (21,312 views over 3 days of Product Hunt launch)
  • 10,234 unique visitors

πŸ’Έ Finance

  • 200WaD started getting monetized this month (freemium model, yearly/monthly subscriptions)
  • 205$ in net revenues (Yearly + Monthly patrons)
  • 81$ MRR
  • 18.5$ MRC (cut the Github Pro plan)

πŸ† New Personal Records

  • 76 members (4%) managed a One-Week Streak
  • 52 members (2.7%) managed a Two-Week Streak
  • 26 members (1.4%) managed a Three-Week Streak
  • 18 members (0.94%) managed a Four-Week Streak
  • 16 members (0.83%) managed a Five-Week Streak
  • 13 members (0.68%) managed a Six-Week Streak
  • 8 members (0.42%) managed a Seven-Week Streak
  • 3 members (0.16%) managed an Eight-Week Streak

Those metrics are still fascinating to me. It’s been my most productive month by far as a maker, and it’s crazy to imagine how things evolved in just two months time.

200WaD still has a lot of room for improvements, but this is encouraging. One of the biggest challenges over the next month is to figure out how I can help people who subscribed but never wrote, or wrote a few times. Are they here just to read? Is something fundamentally wrong with 200WaD? Those questions need an answer as soon as possible.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the growth of 200WaD this month. This wouldn’t be possible without your help. I am more determined than ever to grow this community and create new value.

Thank you for writing/reading here, and as always, take care ❀️