Hey 👋 Welcome to my Internet land! I'm Basile, baz for short.

Let's skip the part where I shower you with job titles and achievements to go straight to the part where I tell you how you can benefit from getting in touch with me.

  1. I can develop any sort of static website using HTML, CSS, and GatsbyJS. It won't cost you anything to host, with built-in search engine optimization while remaining lightning-fast to load. I also have the means to build any complex web application you might need, be it to increase your revenues or decrease your operational costs, using a LAMP stack, ReactJS or JQuery, and the Symfony PHP framework. I can also help with NodeJS.
  2. I wrote a book to help you reach financial independence faster by becoming a sustainable digital nomad.
  3. I built a free online writing community to help you develop a writing habit, to serve your career goals, grow a business, or simply to learn more about yourself.

Let's connect: