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Hi đź‘‹, I'm Basile Samel.

I want to live in a world where we can all wake up every day with hope and purpose. I believe it won't happen unless we come together to learn and tackle difficult problems that go beyond borders and individuals, in a sustainable way.

After graduating from engineering school, I launched my own freelance business and started traveling the world. I did that for 3 years, before joining an eco-community called Catfarm in the South-East of France for a year where I re-learned the importance of living closer to the land and its inhabitants. I now live nomadically in a bell tent, moving between Catfarm near Montpellier and South-West France (Agen) where I am born.

In the future, I want to balance both nomadism and eco-living by building a network of eco-communities throughout Europe where people can come and go according to the seasons while sharing skills and working together toward a brighter future.

My mission is to make backend web development more accessible to individuals and companies.

Right now, all I want is to grow a viable business as a freelancer working for great customers, re-invest everything I earn in sustainability / community projects, and take care of my family / local community. I focus on one craft―web development. But since it's a big industry, I concentrate on backend web development―playing with servers and databases to build incredible online businesses. I also do content marketing (content strategy, programmatic SEO, SEO, and content writing) from time to time.

Backend development is scary and arcane to many people, so I made it my personal mission to make it simple, accessible, and fun. While documenting my work on Twitter, I offer my skills as an on-demand backend development agency (the productized service kind) that makes it trivial to perform high-quality backend work fast and on a tight budget.

My current projects

I focus my efforts on building web products like websites or SaaS while doing freelancing as a backend web developer. On the side, I grow Catfarm as president of the association, looking for a holistic community model we can replicate elsewhere.